Enjoy Yourself

It was one of my first yoga classes and I was laying on my mat in Savasana at the end of class. My eyes were closed, my mind and body were completely still and as I heard the instructor's soft voice say "enjoy yourself" I realized something. I realized I didn't know how to do that. How was that possible? It seemed like such an easy task. How could I do every pose in class effortlessly, but not enjoy laying still for 5 minutes. While laying there I felt the need to look around at everyone else to see what I was missing. I resisted the urge, convinced that I could figure it out. As I laid there frustrated, I realized something...I realized I forgot who I was. I forgot what makes me truly happy. I somehow lost myself in the race of becoming someone. I was so completely embarrassed that somewhere along the way I forgot how to enjoy myself. It scared me that I didn't even recognize who I was and that I no longer checked in with my intuition. I was always a do-er, an over-achiever, a perfectionist, you name it I probably fit the category. But why? Who was I trying to please? Why was I running on auto-pilot trying to check off accomplishments that weren't mine? I had this overwhelming feeling that I did everything I was supposed to do and that I achieved great things, but still felt empty and lost. Was it possible to create space for more love, for more laughter and for more moments to enjoy myself?

While laying on my mat there was a little voice telling me that I HAD THE CHOICE TO ENJOY MYSELF. So with that, I decided that I would choose to enjoy myself for the few minutes that I was laying there completely still. I didn't fully understand everything that I had experienced, but knew that I was moving in the right direction. I continued to practice listening to my heart and finding my center both in class and off the mat by doing things that truly mattered. I decided that I wanted to cultivate a life that was meaningful and that was full of love. I made it a daily practice to express my gratitude for my amazing husband Ben, my incredible family and friends, my warm and cozy home, my dogs, my health, my yoga practice and my creativity. I thank God every day for all the wonderful gifts he has given me.

I truly believe what you affirm grows. So take a moment right now to slow down. Take that deep breath you've been longing for and connect with your inner-self. Tell yourself that you are wonderful, you are blessed beyond measure and everything you need to accomplish change is inside of you. You are AMAZING, WONDERFUL and LOVED. Cherish all the small things in life...Holding that warm mug of tea or coffee, taking a walk and feeling the breeze against your face, laughing until you cry, surprising a loved one with a note, or hugging your grandchildren. Take a moment to do something that makes your heart happy and by blessing others with your incredible gifts, you will be blessed. Let's all practice doing GREAT things, let's take a moment to appreciate each other and to help one another be the best version of ourselves. Lastly, enjoy yourself!

All my love,


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