Soul Companion

While attending a lecture this week, I learned a beautiful new term called 'Soul Companion'. The speaker eloquently described the meaning of soul companion (not to be confused with soul mate) as this...a person with whom you share a bond of reverence for the spiritual journey you are both on. A soul companion nourishes and respects you. They use their inner light to help illuminate the light in you and others. Your soul companion comes into your life to help you find hidden gifts and inspires you to use your best strengths in new ways. As I was sitting there listening to her speak, I felt as though she were speaking to me. She was describing all of the amazing people in my life and through her stories she painted this beautiful picture of how I also see some of my close friends as soul companions. One of these lovely ladies is my dear friend Kathleen. Kathleen always brings out the best in me and has this innate ability to see things in a different way. What a blessing it is to call her my friend and soul companion.

"Soul Companion...a person with whom you share a bond of reverence for the spiritual journey you are both on."

One of the many ways Kathleen continues to inspire me and bring great truth to our friendship is through her faith in God. I wanted to share some of her encouraging words with you in hopes that you too can see the many blessings around you. I am so excited to share her wisdom with you today...enjoy!

Letting Go

by Kathleen Williams

My amazing friend Emilie was talking about finding your inner-self a few posts back, and it got me thinking even more about how to let go and really find what makes your heart happy. You really have to dig deep to ‘unpeel’ those layers until you truly find what makes your heart burst with happiness! Over the past few months I have really learned how to open my heart more, love myself, let go of my worry and my “problems,” and see the greatness of each moment and the gifts of today. Tomorrow is a gift and each day I wake up is a blessing! Each day we can ‘peel’ back a new layer and slowly begin enjoying today. To do this, I had to let go of all the what-if’s. I had to truly open my heart without reservation and begin listening to what God was saying to me, or trying to say to me. He was speaking all along, I was just missing the messages as I was too wrapped up in what had to be done next and worrying about tomorrow; when all that matters is really learning to let go and love today.

"I had to let go of all the what-if's."

We typically worry about small things; which we think are the most crucial things in the world; when in reality they are minor things that we don’t need to be worrying about. I knew I wasn’t helping myself or anyone around me by complaining or worrying about the smallest details, when I could be focusing my attention somewhere that mattered, somewhere that made my heart happy. I decided to re-focus my “worrying” energy. I began to focus all of that energy on a few things called belief, trust, LOVE and strength. By letting go of the what- if’s, I was able to stop worrying about the small things and learn to love myself and better love everyone around me!

"...You have to believe to trust, trust to love and love to believe and in order to do any of these you need to have strength, but most importantly you need to have FAITH.

I needed to open my heart spiritually and have more faith in those few little, but profound words; belief, trust, LOVE and strength. I was surprised at how much my life could shine when I really opened my heart and understood these four (simple) principles. It's so easy to take these blessings for granted, but when we slow down to embrace them they can individually help us live for today and together help us let go of the worry! This process will surely be different for everyone, but if you sit a while and think about what belief, trust, LOVE and strength really stand for...what they mean to you and how they impact you on a daily basis, you will learn a lot about yourself and your life. I learned that these work hand in hand, you have to believe to trust, trust to love and love to believe and in order to do any of these you need to have strength, but most importantly you need to have FAITH.

Today's Exercise

Take some time to think about those principles (belief, trust, love, strength); write them out, start to ‘peel’ those layers. See how you apply them in your life, see if you can add them in to open your heart and push that worry away so you can focus on what matters most! You can do this!

Enjoy today, it is a gift. Open your heart - let go of your worry and have faith!

As I was finishing writing this article, Carrie Underwood’s song ‘So Small’ came on the radio and it was perfect timing! Take a listen and really listen to the words, it’s very inspirational!

Listen here

All my best,


"Good morning. This is God.

I will be handling all your problems today.

I will not need your help, so have a good day.

I love you!"

Kathleen's mom came across this quote that someone gave her years ago. Kathleen shared it with us today in the form of this beautiful art print. So as you continue to travel on your inspired, know that God has your back and places amazing soul companions on your path to illuminate the way!

All my love,


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