Just Paint...

Everyone is creative! Yes, it's true! Everyone is creative! We all make decisions everyday to create a life unique to us. From the moment you wake up in the morning to the seconds before you fall asleep at night you are creating.

Every thought you have, every decision you make and every word you speak is handcrafted by you. We all have the tools inside of us to be outstanding artists of our lives. You are in control of your paintbrush everyday. Everyday is a blank canvas that is waiting for you to fill with paint..to fill with passion..to fill with your love.

So what will you paint today? More joy, happiness, gratitude, love, family time, strength, confidence? Maybe slowing down to enjoy that cup of tea or coffee. Catching up with an old friend and laughing until your belly hurts. Going for a walk. Using those "nice" dishes because it's a Tuesday. Jamming out to your favorite song on your way to work. Smiling at a stranger you pass on the street. Trying a new hobby. Trying that new yoga pose...whatever you choose, it's your canvas to fill! How will you choose to manifest your inner artist today?

In the spirit of painting a more mindful and beautiful life, I had the wonderful experience of attending a mandala painting workshop this past weekend with an artist named Bala. Bala was born and brought up in Chennai, India, and has a passion for colors and patterns that are inspired by the Indian culture. (1)She paints henna style textured art pieces and teaches workshops throughout the Chicago area. You can read more about Bala and her lovely artwork here. So you may be asking yourself, "what does the word "mandala" mean? or what is a "mandala"? Well, the word "mandala" is from the Indian language of Sanskrit and translated to mean "circle." Mandalas are ancient, sacred symbols of wholeness and are used for facilitating personal growth, healing, grounding and transformation. (2) The process of holding the brush and mindfully painting the circles on the canvas is both therapeutic and calming. The experience teaches patience as you wait for the paint to dry so you can begin another circle, it instills confidence as you choose the direction of your mandala and it creates a wonderful sense of community as you paint with the people in your class. The mandala also teaches us to trust ourselves and to trust the strokes we paint. At the end of the class, everyone has a piece of art that's distinct and unique to them...it's quite inspiring to see!

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. - Thomas Merton

This life, this one beautiful life is like the mandala. It's your unique artpiece and it takes courage, confidence and patience to create. You are the ARTIST..you are CREATIVE!! Live with intention and when you move in the direction of your dreams, the universe will get behind you and connections will open up. There are endless blessings available and as you navigate from the place of love your beautiful gallery will be imprinted in the hearts of all those who have crossed your path. So, pick up your brush and just paint...

All my love,


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